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told you i was gonna make Cas version so WIP and yes i made pubic hair before the arm, priorities

Girl, you are killing me, ok? I’m gonna sit and cry somewhere in the corner…

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I will never get over this

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This one has defeated me. I tried colouring it but it just won’t happen.

You win this round, GotG.

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"Dear diary, I have seen my future. It is pink and wrapped in silk.

"It was in the fall when I realized the world I had known was forever doomed. I knew I was about to enter the gates of hell, but like the inescapable pull of gravity there was nothing I could do about it

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people who say ”romantic love is what makes you human!!!!” are actually right. aromantic people are, in fact, gods in disguise, traveling in the human world to observe and study the humans and their weakpoints, in order to eventually eliminate them all and take over their world

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The Yardbirds Turn Into Earth
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Former Marine turned photographer Joel Parés’ series Judging America used real people dressed as stereotypes to remind us to not judge a person based on their tattoos, clothing, ethnicity, profession, or sexual orientation, but on their merits.


I’m so excited.